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Avoid context hell

July 26, 2022

There is a trend about replacing state management libraries with React Context api. Please not.

But even when you don't use it like this, it's likely you end up with something like this:

const Main = () => (
            <App />

Because one of the rule of React Context api performance is to split contexts in much smaller contexts, holding atomic values whenever you can, you will end up having what I call context pyramid of hell. Lets admit it, this is not pleasant. But there is a better way to work with multiple Contexts using composition.

Creating a helper function that composes multiple Providers and returns a single Provider component we can improve our context management:

const composeProviders = (...providers) => ({ children }) => {
  return providers.reduceRight(
    (child, Provider) => <Provider>{child}</Provider>,

Using reduceRight allows us to keep the herarchy between context providers.

The way to use this helper would be like this:

const Providers = composeProviders(

const Provider = ({ children }) => <Providers>{children}</Providers>;

export default Provider;

As you see, the result is the same but the code is cleaner and much readable.